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24h Rogaining Finnish Championships 2022

The Northern Adventure Team will organize the 24h Rogaining Finnish Championships and 8h MTB Rogaining Championships in the rugged terrain of Partalansaari on July 30-31, 2022. In addition, the Finnish Scout Championships will also be competed in this event.


Race Invitation


Registeration opened 15.1.

Student discount Students participating in the Rogaining Finnish Championship of the Student Sports Association will receive a discount code by sending an e-mail to lauri@multisport.fi


Bulletin 1. Suomeksi.

Questions about the competition

Racedirector Harri Hollo answers questions by e-mail harri@multisport.fi

Press  release in English

For international participants we warmly welcome you to Sulkava Finnish Championship Rogaining 2022 and are more than happy to help you to organize your trip to Sulkava.

Please check out Press Release published by SleepMonsters.com

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Map Samples

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Bulletin 1. English