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Competition calendar 2024

Raid Pyrenee - ARWS Europe - Spain May

Rajd Besjkidy - ARWS Europe - Poland June

Expedition Estonia - ARWS Europe - Estonia July

Saimaa Challenge - Finland July

European Rogaining Championships - Estonia August

Raid International Temiscamingue Canada - ARWS America September

Adventure racing European Championships Raid Lowlands Netherlands - ARWS Europe September

Past competitions


24h World Rogaining Championships, Catalonia: 7th place​


Lost in Kainuu ELost, Kajaani: Men's Silver

Saimaa Challenge, Lappeenranta: Mixed Bronze


24h Rogaining SM, Ylläs: Youth Gold & Men's Bronze

Sisu Seikkailu, Joensuu: 1st place

Lost in Kainuu Finland AR 48h, Hossa: DNF


Adventure Race Croatia - ARWS: 23rd place

Expedition Estonia - ARWS Europe: 19th place (Cut-off)

24h Rogaining World Championships: 11th place - Mixed Open

 Raid Gallecia Spain Adventure racing European Championships: DNF


Raid Lowlands Netherlands- ARWS Europe: Silver

Turku Adventure Race: Silver

Expedition Estonia: 6th place

Ursak Joensuu Finlandd: 1st place

Raid International Temiscamingue Canada - ARWS America: Silver

Adventure racing World Championship - South Africa DNF

Northern Adventure team values

The team's values include cheerfulness, challenging oneself boldly, freedom to fail and gender equality.

Exhilaration: First of all, the games must be fun and every team member must enjoy what they are doing with a smile on their face

Bravely challenging yourself: Long and tough races challenge everyone both mentally and physically, you have to go to the starting line with courage and full of faith in your own ability.

Freedom to fail: Everything doesn't always go according to plan, whatever can happen in long races, that's why no one has to be afraid of failure and interruptions are part of the sport.

Gender equality: The adventure sports team includes members of both sexes. We go to competitions as one team, where gender does not matter.

Northern Adventure team jäsenet

Lauri Hollo


  2017  we went with the scout friends to the 24h Rogaining Finnish Championships and that's where it all started. After that, I've toured around Finland after competitions seeking for new challenges.

In 2019 I participated with Jerry in the 24h Rogaining World Championships in the Spanish Pyrenees. 2020 and 2021 came with great success in several races such as Sisu Adventure's victory in 2021 with Heinaro. In the team I act as the team captain and the navigator in competitions.


The main competitions for next season are the AR Croatia +100h, part of the ARWS and the 24h Adventure Racing European Championships in Spain.

Jerry Aunula


My sports career has always revolved around endurance sports, starting with running and orienteering. Over the last couple of years, I’ve moved on to the longer enjoyments, running several ultramarathons as well as a longer adventure sports race. The focus for the coming season will be on developing mountain biking skills and overall stamina especially for the upcoming AR Croatia.

Lauri Heinaro


My interest in adventure sports and ultra distances began when Hollo asked me to be his team mate at Ursak 24h in 2018. As my previous sports background goes, I've had a fairly successful orienteering career, which included several Finnish Championship prize places, but the trips were naturally very short. We got to Ursak's finish, even though the trip was really exhausting.


That race ignited the spark for similar longer enjoyments, motivated by self-challenging and a thrive for new experiences. 

Since then, training has become more diverse for multisport in mind and naturally by that, the training hours have increased for those longer distances.  

So far, some of the competitions to highlight are e.g. Lost in Kainuu AR three times (Lost, Extreme Lost and 48h series), Marathon of Dangers 130km (me being the youngest finisher alongside with Jerry), Nuuksio Backyard Ultra and Rogaining races. I've also done and succeeded with the "quick ultras" of trail running, such as 3rd pace in 2021 Himos Trail 52km. 


To put it briefly using a clumsy translation of a Finnish idiom, the hunger grows when you eat!

Pinja Koskinen


My background is in endurance sports such as cycling, MTB-O, trail running and a bit of swimming and swimrun. I started adventure sports in the fall of 2020 and have participated in races of various durations (5h, 10h and 48h).


In the coming season I'll take part in adventure races in Finland and one in Estonia. In addition to AR, I'll race in road cycling, MTB-O and cyclocross.

Kaisa Saarimaa


Hollo laittoi 2022 maaliskussa viestiä että: "Kiinnostaako viikon loma Kroatiassa vielä kolmen tuntemattoman opiskelijan kanssa" 5-tuntia myöhemmin oli lentoliput ostettu ja sen jälkeen olen kisannut poikien kanssa jokaisessa kisassa.

Joonatan Mustonen


I started swimming at young age and competed in it for many years. In recent years I've took up also trail running and swimrun. 

In adventure racing, my first competition was X-Kaato in 2021, at which we placed 3rd. In upcoming season I'll race in all of these sports.

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Northern Adventure team nuoriso jäsenet

Haluamme toiminnalla edistää lajin tulevia huippuja ja tarjoamme tukea matkalla kohti ensimmäisiä kansainvälisiä kilpailuita. Nuoriso joukkue julkaistaan kesällä 2024

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