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8h YÖ-Rogaining Pääkaupunkiseutu


Northern Adventure Team organizes in Helsinki Capital urban terrain Night rogaining on 19.4. - 20.4. 
8h NIGHT rogaining 



Julkaistu 8.4.2024

Ratamestarin ennakko

Päivitetty 17.4.2024


Julkaistu 17.4.2024

Bulletin 1

Julkaistu 17.4.2024

Julkaistu 17.3.2024

Race info

YÖ-rogaining is a very low-threshold event, racecourse will tarvel around  the capital area. Two different categories, MTB or run

The event lasts 8 hours (22:00 – 06:00), but of course you can be in the field for a shorter time. You get an approved performance by finding at least one Checkpoint.

The facts

Night Rogaining 21.4. - 22.4.

Distribution of maps 20:00
Start at 22:00

The finish must be 6:00

Bulletin 1.

Julkaistu 17.3.2024

An adventure through urban terrain at night. We guarantee that you will get to visit places that even experienced adventurers have not been able to visit yet. Surely a few ticks can be found under bridges and in the glow of colored lights.


2-5 person teams

The competition has two series for those moving on foot and one for those moving on foot. The composition of the team is 2-5 people. IF you want to participate solo, you must notify the race director by e-mail before 31.3. by


1:25000 / 5m

The map is a rogaining map updated from the basic map. The scale is 1:25,000 and the curve interval is 5m. Most of the paths are on the map, however not all construction sites can be depicted on the map.


Happens on the phone.

Stamping, point calculation and result service are handled with the help of a mobile phone. The ticks have a card equipped with a QR code and an NFC tag, from which the participant reads the tick code with their mobile phone. The marking is forwarded in real time as mobile data. The team must therefore have a reasonably modern smartphone with a free QR scanner or NFC tag reading program loaded on it. 

Learn more about branding

Happens on the phone.

In order for the phones to be in working order and for the stamping to go smoothly, we have prepared a preliminary task. We hope (so we demand) that everyone does it. The preliminary task is practically "cleaning" the phone, choosing the right settings and checking the appropriate applications. With this advance review, we aim to minimize problem situations caused by the user and the participants' phones.


More information about mobile phone labeling.

In that same menu, you can find even more detailed instructions on different stamping methods and their applicability to different phones. And of course the preliminary task -> choose depending on which phone you have, either:

-Separate instructions for Android phones, includes those pre-tasks for Android phones

-Separate instructions for Apple phones, includes those pre-tasks for Apple phones

-Separate instructions for Windows phones, includes those preliminary tasks for Windows phones


€55/person 23.11. - 3.12.

€70/person 3.12. - 31.3.

€85/person 1.4. - 15.4. (personalized number plates are not guaranteed)
In case of cancellation of registration, 80% of the registration fee will be refunded if the cancellation took place before 15.3. No refunds will be made for cancellations made after this.

Organizers & More information

Northern Adventure Team

More information about the event & questions about the event:
Lauri Hollo / 0440552199 /


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 LUMONITE YÖ-Rogaining Capital Region - Espoo 2023




Images available for non-commercial use, e.g. on participants' social media channels. When using pictures, it is polite to mention the photographer's name, Emma Lahtinen & Petteri Ojala & Aaro Muhonen!

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